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Applications Specialist (KL/Penang) Job ID: BLH7ASC

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šŸŒMedical Innovation Ventures Sdn Bhd
Medical Innovation Ventures (Mediven) is a Malaysia-based molecular diagnostic company dedicated to the development of tools that will facilitate early and fast detection of pathogens, genetic disorders, and other diseases. We focus particularly on the infectious diseases that are prevalent in developing countries in Asia, Africa, and South America.

Thermal stability of these products offers significant advantages including cold chain-free shipping and storage, thus eliminating the costs associated. As a result, our product platforms are ideal for use in developing nations, where end-use conditions can be extremely challenging for healthcare providers. Moreover, the built in features such as reliability and speed help in saving costs in many ways. For instance, savings by avoiding alternate confirmatory tests could be significant. Physicians are also saved from the dilemma of having to start expensive and often harmful precautionary treatments while waiting for results from conventional culture tests.

In 2012, Mediven was selected by the Malaysian government as one of the Economic Transformation Programmes (ETP) under the Healthcare National Key Economic Area (NKEA) as part of its Vision 2020 initiative. In 2016, Mediven was selected the 2016 Frost & Sullivan Malaysia Entrepreneurial Company of the Year in In Vitro Diagnostics for Infectious Diseases.

Early detection of diseases is the key to restore and improve health of masses in developing countries. We understand the challenges of healthcare providers in these countries where hospital facilities are often very basic. That is why Mediven focuses on developing robust products capable of withstanding shipping and storage conditions. Thermal stability of the products takes away the cold chain-associated costs from the equation, making Mediven products price competitive and suitable for developing nations. In addition, Mediven products offer high standards of accuracy and speed compared to conventional methods.

Medivenā€™s diagnostic products are based on its patented PCR platform. Currently, we offer products targeting various infectious diseases including tuberculosis, cholera, VRSA, and MRSA.  Our tools help physicians to adopt the best possible treatment strategy during the most critical early stages of an infection. Typically, healthcare providers are compelled to start treatments based on initial symptoms and qualitative results in order to avoid consequences of delayed treatments. More often, these treatments turn out to be unnecessary and toxic, creating undesirable outcomes. Rapid test kits and molecular diagnostic products offered by Mediven cut short the waiting period of confirmatory diagnosis from days or weeks (based on conventional culture methods) to a few hours.

Job Responsibilities/Descriptions:
  • Based in Penang HQ/Kuala Lumpur branch.
  • Prepare and conduct product talks, training and demonstration on molecular and rapid test kits locally and regionally.
  • Arrange for validation and evaluation of products at test sites.
  • Arranging appointments with researchers, lecturers, professors, doctors, pharmacists, hospital medical teams, researchers and academia, which may include pre-arranged appointment or regular cold calling.
  • Making presentations to academia, researchers, doctors, pharmacists in the retail sector, hospital doctors, university and research institutions.
  • Organizing conference for researchers, academia, doctors and other medical staff.
  • Keeping detailed records of all contacts.
  • Planning work schedules and weekly and monthly timetables.
  • Regularly attending company meetings, technical data presentations and briefing.
  • Keeping up with the latest clinical data supplied by the company and interpreting, presenting and discussing this data with customers during presentation.
  • Monitoring competitor activity and competitorā€™s products.
  • Maintaining knowledge of new development in the research and international and national health service, anticipating potential negative and positive impacts on the business and adapting strategy accordingly.
  • Developing strategies for increasing opportunities to meet and talk to contacts in the research institution, university, medical and healthcare sector.
  • Staying informed about the activities of research and healthcare services in a particular area.
  • Working with team managers and sales team to plan how to approach contacts with effective business plans, training and evaluation protocols for making sales in a particular area.
  • To prepare documents and perform special tasks upon request from Sales Manager and Operations Director or designated personnel.

Job Requirements:
  • Candidate must possess at least a degree in any Science related field i.e. Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Biomedical Science, etc.
  • With Master's degree or above in the related fields, or more than 2 years of hands-on experience on molecular products will be at higher privilage.
  • Responsible for product demonstrations, evaluations and after sales activities in assigned region.
  • Possess own vehicle and willing to travel locally.
  • At least 1 year of experience with molecular or related products.
  • Self-driven and result-oriented.
  • Good communication and inter-personal skills.
  • Independent and highly motivated with a positive attitude.

Location: Penang or Kuala Lumpur
Benefits: Medical, Regular hours, Mondays - Fridays, Business (e.g. Shirts)

Medical Innovation Ventures Sdn Bhd
Plot 88F, Lintang Bayan Lepas 10,
Bayan Lepas Industrial Park,
Bayan Lepas Free Industrial Zone Phase 4,
11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.


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