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Research Associate (Subang Jaya) Job ID : BLH3KLW

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Published by in Malaysia · 14 January 2022
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🌐Cancer Research Malaysia:
We are an independent and non-profit cancer research organisation based in Malaysia. Funded by donations and research grants, we conduct research in niche cancers often found in our Asian population. Cancer — the big ‘C’ — continues to be a stigma, only spoken about in hushed whispers; how it’s bad karma, how much it costs, and that nothing could be done.

Confronting this stigma head on, CRM has been reversing this language of cancer, transforming the big ‘C’ to a little ‘c’, and we plan to develop tools backed by good research to ensure that we can truly fight cancer on all fronts. We believe that we will reverse the grip of cancer in our lives. We want researchers to win the war against cancer by turning it around with new ways of prevention and cure. We want to empower the public through impactful outreach programmes, with the hopes that Malaysians will respond differently to cancer by coming forward for screenings and going through with treatments.

Job Responsibilities/Descriptions:
  • Planning and performing experiments that are necessary to meet project goals on time
  • Analyzing results and providing insights to enable next steps to be designed and implemented
  • Maintaining an up-to-date understanding of the relevant literature, to ensure that the research project remains relevant and competitive
  • Assist in drafting reports including conference presentations, research publications and donor reports
  • Be responsible for equipment maintenance of specific equipment, and purchasing and stocking consumables as required by the Head of Unit or Head of Facilities
  • Be responsible for compliance with safety standards and ensuring regulatory compliance. Assist with the documentation required by the OSH committee or Head of Facilities
  • If required, assist in the planning and delivery of established technical research services that generate income and improve access to new technologies to Malaysian researchers, through CRMY or CRMY Technologies Sdn. Bhd.
  • Assist in identifying projects that may be executed by others and then successfully supervise these (industrial trainees, interns research staff) leading to high-quality publications
  • Assist in ensuring the financial sustainability of the research program by ensuring that budgets are optimized and by assisting with grant applications
  • To assist in maintaining effective partnerships with key stakeholders, particularly with suppliers and collaborators
  • To develop basic competence in intellectual property management and to highlight opportunities arising from research projects to Head of Unit as soon as practically possible

Job Requirements:
  • Educated to a Master’s degree or Bachelor’s degree with at least 2 years of relevant experience in cancer biology
  • Experience and skills in molecular and cell biology
  • Demonstrated skill in laboratory research and successfully presenting the data both in spoken (conference) or written (publication) form
  • Driven by a strong sense of making an impact, with problem-solving skills, including conflict resolution skills
  • The ability to prioritise own workload and work to deadlines

Location: Subang Jaya, Selangor
Posted date: 3rd January 2022

Cancer Research Malaysia:
Outpatient Centre Subang Jaya Medical Centre
No. 1 Jalan SS 12/1A,
47500, Subang Jaya, Selangor


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